Building Near Trees

As trees are a valuable asset and often form an essential part of the character and appearance of an area and form significant constraints on otherwise developable land, when development is considered on a site it is necessary to ascertain the quality and value of individual and groups of trees and other significant vegetation in order to maximise developable area and resulting returns while safeguarding the retention of trees of good quality and potential.

With a wealth of experience in all aspects of arboriculture, The Urban Forest Consultancy fully understands the requirements of the client and the local planning authority and can consequently advance tree issues quickly, professionally and cost effectively towards a successful outcome.

Tree Constraints

A general indication of tree constraints can be helpful to give an indication of developable area, potential extraordinary costs and land value but to maximise development potential while respecting arboricultural character and satisfying planning policy it is essential to fully assess tree constraints in accordance with BS 5837:2012 (the BS). To provide the information necessary to indicate developable area to the design team a site visit is made and a tree survey carried out. A schedule will be produced from the collected data and this will inform the Tree Constraints Plan and accompanying report. This information is provided to aid the design process and would not normally be submitted as part of the planning submissions.    

Arboricultural Impact

Based on the agreed development layout this report sets out the impact that development will have on the overall tree stock and could have on retained trees. The report further outlines proposed methods for mitigating detrimental impact in the form of recommended landscaping and protection for trees to be retained. This is a positive report produced in support of the application and for submission to the local planning authority. It is based on a plan that includes previously collected tree data and the development layout, it will show tree retention categories, trees to be removed and those to be retained and where special consideration of retained trees is required.

Tree Protection

In order for a local planning authority to be satisfied that trees shown to be retained can be protected during demolition and construction processes they require information in accordance with the BS that sets out appropriate tree protection, any required specialised construction materials and techniques, timing of events and site facilities/management. Following consultation with developer and The urban Forest Consultancy will produce an Arboricultural Method Statement and Tree Protection Plan for submission to the lpa for approval, to the client to aid budgeting and to the developer to aid project management.